Leadership Video Presentations

Below are links to some of the video presentations that I’ve made during the past few years.  The topics include SERVANT LEADERSHIP, TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIP, ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE, ETHICS,  and other important leadership-related issues.

I trust you benefit from watching these videos.  Perhaps you can use them to generate some conversation, among co-workers or others, regarding the topics.  Feedback is always appreciated.

If you are interested in hearing more about leadership as presented in the videos, please contact me at jimdittmar@jimdittmar.com.

Jim Dittmar

This video includes Mark Miner, Publisher of the book, Forged in Steel, as we discuss Servant Leadership, one of the seven leadership principles discussed in the book.  This was part of the Leaders Serving Beaver County monthly workshops.


This is a video that introduces the leadership models of Transactional and Transformational Leadership.


This is another video I made with Mark Miner discussing the concept of “Continuous Improvement” of the leader.


The link below is to an interview that Dr. John Stanko and I did with Rick Dayton on KDKA TV about our book, The Leadership Carol.



The importance of understanding Organizational Culture is the focus of this presentation using Edgar Schein’s model.  I discuss how organizational culture influences leaders and how leaders can, in turn, influence organizational culture.


The distinction between management and leadership attitudes and behaviors is often misunderstood.  In this video, I explain how some have described these differences, keeping in mind that both roles are important for organizations in terms of achieving their operational and strategic success.


For over fifty years, the term Servant Leadership, first coined by Robert Greenleaf, has had a significant influence on how people perceive and practice leadership.  I explore some of the basic concepts of Servant Leadership in this video, referencing Greenleaf’s work, and also share and respond to the misunderstandings that the concept has generated over the years.

Situational Leadership is a very popular model that was originally developed by Paul Hershey and Ken Blanchard. Ken later revised that model into what is Situational Leadership II (SLII). This presentation introduces the basic components of SLII and how you can apply it in your own organizational context.

In Joseph Rost’s ground-breaking book, Leadership for the 21st Century, he introduced his conception of leadership based on influential, multi-directional relationships. I break down his important definition of leadership and explain how it is fundamental for leaders to be effective and successful.

I begin this video by sharing the quote by Joann Ciula, “Good Leadership is Ethical Leadership.” This statement sets the tone for my presentation in which I discuss what I call the “3-P’s” of ethical decision-making- Process, Perspective, and Person. By implementing this model, you can get better at making quality, ethical decision.

The concept of Paradigm is an important one for leaders to understand. In this video, I explain what paradigm means and why leaders need to know how it can impact the way they lead and think.