More Than a Feeling: Intuition and Decision Making

Much of what I have written so far about decision making views the process as a rational one. Identify the issue, gather relevant facts, consider alternatives, good the best one, implement, and then evaluate. Making good decisions in this way is a means of avoiding or at least minimizing the effects of the various subjective or irrational influences that can derail our decision making process. But what about INTUITION? What role, if any, should intuition play in our decision making process, what some authors describe as “the opposite of logical, rational thinking”? … More More Than a Feeling: Intuition and Decision Making

Good Decision Making: It Depends on the Situation

“It depends on the situation.”  We’ve heard this a lot when it comes to leadership.  What seems to work in one situation, doesn’t in another.  Southwest Airlines is successful because of the way it operates in delivering quality services to its customers.  Other airlines have tried to duplicate its processes and failed.  When a CEO … More Good Decision Making: It Depends on the Situation

Decision Making: Good Implementation or Bad Implementation–That is the Issue.

When it comes to making “successful” decisions, that is, decisions that achieve their intended purpose, especially important, strategic ones, the track record is somewhat dismal.  Perhaps I’m being too kind.  In fact, research shows that at least 50% of all such decisions fail to accomplish what the decision makers had hoped for. There are many reasons why … More Decision Making: Good Implementation or Bad Implementation–That is the Issue.

Servant Leadership: It’s Not Only Right; It Works!

Many of us who embrace the overarching framework of Servant Leadership believe it is the “right” thing to do.  That is, we are committed, in principle, to the perspectives, attitudes, and behaviors that represent the servant leader. All too often, though, others believe that Servant Leadership represents practices that are soft, that are easy to perform, that … More Servant Leadership: It’s Not Only Right; It Works!

No One Likes a “Bully” Leader.

Often, when we hear the word “bully,” we immediately think of the terrible problem that schools face when students verbally, physically, and otherwise abuse fellow students.  And, we are all too familiar of the awful consequences that occur when those bullied students strike back. Unfortunately, though, other organizations, as well, may be full of bullies.  What is often … More No One Likes a “Bully” Leader.

Does the Leader REALLY “Motivate?”

It’s an interesting question.  I’ve done a lot of reading, research, teaching, and introspection of my own experiences regarding the true catalyst (or nature) of developing intrinsically motivated individuals.  Many believe that the leader is mostly responsible for providing the inspiration and influence necessary to inspire and stimulate in followers the desire to work to … More Does the Leader REALLY “Motivate?”

Servant Leadership Requires an “Ego Check”

In this short video clip, best-selling author and friend, Ken Blanchard, shares why we have to take an introspective look at our ego in order to become effective Servant Leaders. And if you have not yet done so, please check out the just-released book, Servant Leadership In Action, edited by Ken Blanchard and Renee Broadwell.  I … More Servant Leadership Requires an “Ego Check”

“Good Leadership is Ethical Leadership”

Professor and author of ethics and leadership studies, Joanne Ciulla, made that statement some years ago.  It’s a great statement–short and to the point–about one of the building blocks of leadership.  I’ve used it a lot during discussions about ethics and leadership. When I work with other leaders to help them become better ethical decision-makers, I … More “Good Leadership is Ethical Leadership”