Forgiveness: The “X-Factor” For Successful Leadership

This blog was a bit challenging for me to write. Forgiveness is a tough topic. It’s another one of those take a look in the mirror issues that makes me stop and think about my “Forgiveness Quotient.” Am I a forgiving person? Do I have the right understanding of forgiveness? Can I accept forgiveness from … More Forgiveness: The “X-Factor” For Successful Leadership

Kind Leadership: It’s the “Kind” of Leadership We All Want

As a kid, my mother was fond of quoting the verse, “Be ye kind, one to another (King James Version no less),” when she saw me and my brothers “mixing it up.” Often (sorry, perhaps at times), the immediate effect of her words was to calm things down. If that didn’t work, then others actions … More Kind Leadership: It’s the “Kind” of Leadership We All Want

Integrity: Integral to “Good” Leadership

Integrity. Very little question that it is an important leadership quality. Here’s what Peter Drucker had to say about it: “Integrity may be difficult to define, but what constitutes lack of integrity is of such seriousness as to disqualify a person for a managerial position…management should not appoint a person who considers intelligence more important … More Integrity: Integral to “Good” Leadership