About the 3Rivers Leadership Institute

Dr. James K. Dittmar is the founder, President, and CEO of 3Rivers Leadership Institute.  The 3Rivers Leadership Institute provides leadership development and training that is transformational.  Utilizing the insights gained for over the past 27 years as a leader, teacher and trainer of working professionals, Dr. Dittmar creates learning experiences that are exceptional in content and that are interactive and engaging in process.

A major focus of his training sessions is the practical application of the most important principles, concepts, and challenges that impact leaders in their everyday work experiences. Based on the L.E.A.D.E.R.S.  model developed by Dr. Dittmar, his presentations provide a strong grounding not only in the “what” that leaders face but also in the “how” and “so what” in terms of driving these issues to the practical, behavioral level.  It is during this process of reflection and application that participants can experience the transformational nature of leadership development offered by Dr. Dittmar